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Our members are dedicated, passionate, motivated, hard core individuals, who know the importance of being surrounded by like minded people. They thrive on success each one achieves, the process in which they used to get there. They grow this culture, becoming what we call Iron Titans through and through. They’ve created a community from a mutual love for what they do in the gym, as well as creating a bond that extends well beyond the walls that house us.

Excellent Facilities

Our gym is housed in a 14,000 sq ft facility with secure 24 Hours Access, 365 Days a Year.

Great Coaching

Other cultures that judge or predicate how you should train, lift, and exist in a gym can be very intimidating: the feeling of being ushered into a corner and dictated to by those running the gym. Here at EVO, we let you rule…we let you dictate…we let you shape and define your existence here, and we’ll stop at nothing to assist you in realizing these desires.

Pricing and Packaging

Drop-In Rates

Convenient Pay-as-you-go, Includes All Classes, Full use of all facilities

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Monthly Rates

We’ve changed our membership rates to reach all of those who want to be rough, rugged and raw. To those who want to walk in our doors and leave it all out on the bench, the turf, or the squat rack.

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Personal Training

Personalized programs for the beginner to advanced athlete available. Complimentary consultations, meal and training programs, recipes and shopping lists all included.