About EVO


Everything starts from here. Our culture is the seed from which our passion, our motivation, our inspiration, grows and thrives. Without our culture, there isn’t EVO, there isn’t community, there isn’t the chance to grow with and learn from. Our culture make us unique as the members understand it, they validate what we do here and define what EVO is all about; being rough, rugged and raw.

Our members are dedicated, passionate, motivated, hard core individuals, who know the importance of being surrounded by like minded people. They thrive on success each one achieves, the process in which they used to get there. They grow this culture, becoming what we call Iron Titans through and through. They’ve created a community from a mutual love for what they do in the gym, as well as creating a bond that extends well beyond the walls that house us.

Other cultures that judge or predicate how you should train, lift, and exist in a gym can be very intimidating: the feeling of being ushered into a corner and dictated to by those running the gym. Here at EVO, we let you rule…we let you dictate…we let you shape and define your existence here, and we’ll stop at nothing to assist you in realizing these desires.

Our gym serves as a place of support and revival for our members. We realized our members come to our gym to feed their desire to push themselves harder, to grow, to release stress. We have been honoured to have members share with us, personal hardships and struggles they may be facing, or the victories and milestones in their lives, but still find time to get into EVO on a regular basis because they NEED IT. We realized our gym is a second home to our members…a support system to which you are listened to, guided, and encouraged each time you walk through the door, no matter how good or bad your day has been.

We realized we wanted to make our home gym more accessible to the community. We needed to provide access at a greater level to the masses both financially, as well as culturally. Our members taught us and showed us what is unique about our culture, and because of that we knew we needed to change things. So we did. We focused on who made us, who needed us, and who had our backs.

We’ve changed our membership rates to reach all of those who want to be rough, rugged and raw. To those who want to walk in our doors and leave it all out on the bench, the turf, or the squat rack.

What’s our secret? Just be here to find out. Be here to experience it as we constantly ‘evolve’ with our members. Our secret literally is evolution. A dedication to constantly adapt to what our members need us to. To grow this culture, and hopefully make a difference in a small part of someone’s day to day lives.

How Our Coaches Can Help You Stay on Top of Your Fitness Goals for the New Year.

The New Year came and went as fast as the year behind it, leaving little time for any of us to catch our breath and get our goals straight. At Evolution Health Club, we understand the feeling of looking back at your goals and being somewhat discouraged at progress that didn’t quite live up to your expectations. Lucky for you, our fitness coaches are here to help you get your routine in check and catch up to those New Year’s resolutions that seem to be fading away.

The Road to Peak Physique

If the 70’s bodybuilding routines have taught us anything, it’s that the best way to get your desired look is to use your instincts to find the routines that work best for you. Our coaches understand the importance of diet and technique, but they also value the importance of your own desires and can help you find your own way. With a combination of diet, technique and your own passions, our fitness coaches can give you that crucial push that will set you off on the right path.

Classes We Offer

  • Muscle conditioning
  • Core
  • Yoga
  • TriFit
  • Stretching

Why Evolution Health Club?

On top of our passion and dedication, Evolution Health Club is one of the most affordable gyms in Guelph. You’ll be hard pressed to find better bang for your buck and with a variety of classes including strength training, yoga and conditioning, our local coaches have plenty to work with. We’re not in this business to be flashy or flaunt our stuff, we simply appreciate the benefits of proper training and strive to help you achieve the muscle tone that you have always desired.

Don’t Waste Your Potential

Not everybody can dedicate five days out of their week to pumping iron, which is why our gym accommodates both heavy and casual bodybuilders. Our range of equipment and coaching classes offer a little something for everyone and we guarantee that no matter who you are or where you’re from, you will feel right at home in our facilities. Whether you want to perform intense strength building routines or functional training exercises, we will accommodate your desires.

Although the world of fitness continues to change and evolve, our steady passion and interest in the field means we’re going to be here for a long time to come. At Evolution Health Club, our fitness coaches are committed to helping you realize your fitness goals and maintaining our reputation as one of the top gyms in Guelph. For any questions about our services, visit our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.